Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Haiti Update

A year ago this week, a 7.0 earthquake struck the nation of Haiti, killing 230,000 people, injuring 300,000 more, and leaving more than a million homeless. American and other mariners rushed in with relief. According to US transportation secretary Ray LaHood

It is another example of why our country’s merchant marine is so important. Sending these ships will help those on the front line of this effort save as many lives in Haiti as possible. These ships will add crucial capabilities by supporting operations to move large volumes of people and cargo.

The newspaper Independent published an assessment earlier this week on the current state of relief efforts in Haiti. It is not hopeful reading. Click here.

The American Journal of Westbrook, Maine ran a story last April about the efforts of treasure hunter Greg Brooks to bring relief to Haiti and the problems he ran into along the way. Click here.

For a short article detailing the missions of the high-speed vessel Swift to both Haiti and the Chilean earthquake zone, click here. It appeared in the American Maritime Officers union newsletter Currents.

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