Saturday, June 13, 2009

Clean up, catch up, and follow up

The old saying goes "he who is always his own counseller will often have a fool for his client" and I guess you could say the same thing about a writer who is always his own editor. Going back over some old posts, I've noticed a few copyediting problems. If you notice a post sounds a little bit different, it's because I've gone back and fixed some typos, grammar (including one egregious subject/verb agreement problem), and generally tightened things up. If I change any items of fact, I will indicate so in the text.

Thanks to everyone who's given me feedback, both in the Comments and otherwise. Thanks to reader Steve Gordon, who referred me to the web site. It includes links to petitions and other actions mariners can take to preserve Jones Act rights. The site is run by, or at least heavily sponsored by, the Gordon and Ellias law firm, which specializes in Jones Act injury claims so the same caveats I applied to the link in my original Jones Act post apply.

The National Public Radio program "Planet Money" had a good podcast on the economics of modern piracy back in April. Find it at

My snarky comments about "Doc" in the Love Boat post shouldn't be taken to mean paint all cruise ship doctors with the same broad brush, but there has been some real controversy lately. Find Stephanie Chen's October 2007 Wall Street Journal article "Trouble At Sea: Free-Agent Doctors" at For the other side of the story, cruise ship doctor Andrew Lucas recounts his experiences on the "Adventure Medics" web site

On a less serious note, find The Love Boat fan club site at

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